Articles of Lamp Shades

Happy reading articles of lamp shades hare.We are lamp shade manufacturer, lamp shade supplier and exporter . We manufacture fabric lamp shade, table lamp shade, floor lamp shade, candelabra shade, etc.

Bases and shades
We have a great range of bases and shades in many
styles and materials so you can find the perfect lamp
to complement your style and your home.

With so much choice, here are some helpful
hints to find the right combination.
• A base is a great starting point for your overall
look. Think about the other furnishing
materials in your room: while it’s a good idea
to match wood finishes, metal, glass, or
ceramic work well with any decorative style.
• Next, select a shade that creates a balanced
feel: tall, thin bases look great with smaller
shades, while chunky bases can carry larger
shades. In terms of shape, round shades
generally suit rounded bases, and so on.
Alternatively, choose one of our complete
base and shade combinations.
• The diameter of your lamp shade should
be approximately equal to the height of your
lamp base. Try to view the light at the same
height it will be at home, to make sure you
are happy with the proportions.
• When the maximum wattage differs between
the lamp base and shade always observe the
lower wattage when selecting the bulb.

How to Clean Fabric Lampshades